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You will need to contact the gift card company and request a new one. You may want to contact their website to see if they have a customer service number available.

You would need to call the gift card company to request assistance in identifying what may be the reason for the issues.

    You will need to contact Customer Service at 1-844-584-6337, and have the agent resend your eGift card to you.
  1. When you try to register a account you get a error message stating that the account has already been registered. Yet when you try to reset your password, it states that a account can not be found.

    If we are not able to locate an account within the system. You will need to register as a new user. The issue is that the username you are trying to register with is already in use by another user. In order to register an account, the email address and username must be unique, and cannot be in use by another user. You will need to create a unique username during the registration process.

  2. You have registered an account the past but you have forgotten your password, and you have not received the email to reset the password on your account.

    The Email to reset your password is sent from a generic email address Please be sure to add this address to your contacts to ensure delivery of the password reset email.

You've indicated you're having an issue printing your deal voucher. Here are a couple of things you can try to access and print your voucher.

  1. You will need to contact Customer Service at 1-844-584-6337, and have the agent resend your eGift card to you.

  2. Accessing your deals after you're logged in

    Once you've logged in you should see a login area on the site which includes a button that says My Deals.

    If you click on that, it will take you to the list of deals and vouchers you've purchased. You should see the View Voucher link that when clicked on will generate your voucher. You can then print your voucher from there.

  3. Generating an alternate version of your voucher

    On rare occasions, after you've followed the steps above, the voucher still may not be generated correctly. When that happens you should be able to click a link that will download a PDF version of the voucher, which you should then be easily able to print. To do this, simply click on the link at the very top of the page that says "Click here to download and print a PDF".

What to do if you're still having trouble?

If you're still having trouble finding or printing your voucher, just complete the feedback form below and one of our support representatives will respond to you and assist you in locating your vouchers.

  1. The item is in your cart, but you are unable to check out because the site is telling you that you need to login. However, you are already logged into the website.

    This is more than likely an issue with your cookies in your browser. Have you tried to log out of the website and log back into the site? You may also need to log out and delete your cookies/cache (temporary internet files) and then log back in to the website.

    After deleting your cookies and cache. Please close down your browser, and start a new one. Logging into the website with your email address and password.

  2. When trying to add a deal to your cart, the deal is not being added. So you are not able to purchase the deal.

    This can be related to your web browser being out of date. We suggest you try updating your browser first to the most current version. Below are links to download the most current versions for most popular browser.

    You may try using a different browser or updating your current browser.





  3. If you are receiving a error message on the secure checkout page stating "We are experiencing technical issues. Timeout API unavailable.”

    Unfortunately, we were not able to process your order at check-out, because the credit card processor was not available at the time you tried to purchase the item. We suggest that you log out of the website and try placing the order again. It can also be related to a firewall that could possible be blocking our secure check-out page.

Sorry you are having trouble! Here are some reasons you could possibly be receiving an error message:

Error Message: Your Password must have 8 characters.

Please be sure that the password being entered is 8 to 20 characters with no special characters (&%$@*) or spaces.

Error Message: That username is taken.

Please be sure that you are entering a unique public name. Your public name is like your username. If you make a comment or submission, this name will appear on the contest site. It can be made up or your real name. That is up to you. It must be unique though. No two users on this site can have the same public name.

Error Message: For the field labeled 'Email Address' a valid email address is required.

Our system is not recognizing your email address. Please be sure you have entered your email address correctly in both the Email Address and Re-enter Email Address fields.

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